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Tsuruga is a city located in the central part of Fukui Prefecture. In 713 the city was named Tsuruga. In 1896 it was decided to make Tsuruga the international seaport. The symbols of the city are a pine tree and a flower of lespedentsia two-colored. A big horn is depicted on the emblem of Tsuruga. It symbolizes the ancient history of the city. In ancient times the place of the citys location had the name Kukujika, which meant a horned deer. Picture of the horn looked like a lighthouse, the first building of the port.

There are a lot of sights in Tsuruga. Among them are: the city museum of local history and a grove of pine trees, which stretches out 1, 5 km along Matsubara coast.

Saifukuji Temple, which was built 620 years ago, is the place of worship for the Buddhists. There are ruins of Kanagasaki on the top of the mountain of the Tsuruga Gulf, known as the place of military actions in the past. Residents of the city are also proud of Kehi Jinja Temple, which was built in 702. In 1945 during the World War II, the greater part of the Temple was destroyed by the bombing raids, but later its main buildings were restored.

Amongst traditional events of the city of Tsuruga are: the holiday of exchanging flowers in the period of cherry blossom in April; placing lamps on water and letting off the fireworks in August; Tsuruga Festival, etc.

In 1971 the first so called ship of friendship left Tsuruga for the USSR. In 1972 the agreement on friendship was concluded between the city of Tsuruga and Vostochny Port.

In 1977 during the visit of Japan delegation to Nakhodka the Mayor of the city of Tsuruga Mr. Tuzo Yabe said the following words: For a long time I have dreamt to establish friendly relations between the ports of Tsuruga and Vostochny. The exchange of achievements in the spheres of economy, culture, education and sport between both cities will help to improve mutual understanding between citizens of our countries.

The agreement on twin-cities relations between Nakhodka and Tsuruga was signed on October, 1982. Three years later annual exchanges of school delegations were organized.

Residents of Nakhodka still remember the bright fireworks, which were presented to them by the city of Tsuruga on the occasion of two anniversaries: the 10th anniversary of the establishment of twin-cities relations and the 50th anniversary of Nakhodkas foundation. The memorial garden of stones, which was gifted to Nakhodka by Japan, became the main sight of our city. The sculpture of a bronze woman, the goddess of happiness was installed in Tsuruga in honor of the establishment of twin-cities relations.

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